Several Democratic legislators are behind a bill that will get a hearing January 28th.


Senate Bill (SB) 5908 is dubbed the Clean Car Commission bill.   Sponsored by Senator Marko Liias (who is no stranger to growing government) the bill would create a commission to oversee electric vehicle grant money.

According to the bill (proposed):

"...There is hereby created a clean car  authority. The purpose of the authority is to distribute electric  vehicle grant funding awarded to Washington state from the federal  infrastructure investment and jobs act."

It goes on to say:

"Additionally,  the authority shall provide a general vision for the state regarding  the most beneficial and efficient distribution of electric vehicle  grants, as well as coordinate and oversee the administration of  electric vehicle grants across all state agencies and local  governments. The authority shall also coordinate its efforts with the  office of climate commitment accountability, if in existence..."

This is most likely an Inslee-desired bill since it deals with electric vehicles and the environment. Remember--he's the same Governor who has commissioned the state to develop the first-ever all-electric ferry.  Electric trains and streetcars are one thing, ferries are another.

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According to vehicle license data from September 2021, Washington state has  50.020 all-electric registered vehicles out of 2.935 million total vehicles.  That amounts to about 1.7 percent of all vehicles in our state, and 5 percent of all-electric vehicles nationwide.

Not exactly the totals you want to see to create another state agency.

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