As part of a program called the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA) the Federal government will be sending just over $15 million to WA state. The information was released late Wednesday, September 28th.

   Feds award nearly  $1 billion to schools across the country

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The Department of Education has informed various state education leaders how much they will be getting for this program. According to the DOE, the plan is this:

 "The Stronger Connections grants will help schools provide all students with safe and supportive learning opportunities and environments that are critical for their success."

DOE offered a very lengthy explanation as to what criteria were used to determine how much went to each state, and what it's supposed to be used for, but did give one example of how a state is planning to use its funding:

  "For example, funds could support the kind of work underway in Santa Fe Public Schools in New Mexico where they are focusing on the mental health and wellness of students and staff. The district is using federal relief funds to expand the district’s existing restorative justice program, hire additional school psychologists, and expand school counselor programming."

No information was provided yet about where this money will end up in Washington State, and no comments yet from the OSPI.  Washington state's total will be $15,795,711.


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