Grant County Sheriff (KNDU-GCSO)
Grant County Sheriff (KNDU-GCSO)








Grant County Deputies had a wild weekend with a speeding drunken driver.

Deputies use pit maneuver to disable driver

Early Saturday morning, Deputies on patrol spotted a vehicle traveling north of Moses Lake on McConihe Road, doing at least 76 MPH in a 50 MPH zone.

The vehicle, a 1989 Mercedes model 260, was driven by 31-year-old Rafael Romero of Moses Lake, who Deputies believed to be driving under the influence.

A Deputy was able to perform a pit maneuver to send his car into a ditch, but Romero was able to steer out of the ditch before officers could box him in, and he sped away.

He continued to race down McConhihe Road when he was finally stopped by Deputies near Road D-5 Northeast north of Moses Lake.

He then fled into an orchard but was quickly tracked down and captured.

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He is now in the Grant County Jail, facing a list of as-yet-unreleased charges.

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