A 40-year-old kidnapping suspect is in the Benton County jail after a lengthy chase which ended with him hiding in a muddy cornfield Wednesday night.

Around 8pm Deputies got a report of a woman who was forced into a vehicle at gunpoint by the suspect near Mabton on SR 22. Mabton police attempted to pull over the car, but the driver refused. Finally, after Deputies joined in the pursuit towards and at Prosser, then back towards Yakima. The woman was able to escape the car in Grandview when it slowed, she was not hurt.

The suspect, identified as Oswaldo Manuel Herrera, ditched his car after driving into a cornfield near Sunnyside. He tried to hide, but K-9 Sable tracked him and he was found lying in the mud trying to hide. After being 'subdued' by Sable, he was taken into custody. The picture shows how Herrera looked after the incident was over.

K-9 Sable 1, suspect -0-.  Herrera is now facing multiple charges.

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