Mud Puddle Abruptly Terminates Oregon Car Chase, Suspects Busted
A pair of suspects being chased Tuesday by Stanfield Police learned A) be sure you know what roads are open or closed due to spring flooding,and B) Mud and water always win over cars.
Around 1:30pm, 37-year-old Kelly Chapman and 27-year-old Rebecca Hayes were in a car being chased by Stanfield Police…
Mud Drops Motorcycle Moron Trying to Outrun Deputies at 120MPH
A man is actually lucky to be alive after crashing his motorcycle following a 120mph chase with a Benton County Deputy.
Sunday afternoon, just before 1pm, the rider blew past the Deputy's patrol car at 114mph, clocked on radar. He then sped up to 120 mph with the officer in pursuit on Missimer R…
Defective Car Lights Leads to 100MPH Chase, Then Through Mud
A pair of Franklin County Deputies were cleaning off a lot of mud, after what should have been a simple traffic stop for defective equipment turned into a high speed chase, then a chase through mud on a dairy farm.
Sunday night, Deputy Bolanos and Reserve Deputy Peregrino saw a vehicle on Taylor Flat…