A pair of suspects being chased Tuesday by Stanfield Police learned A) be sure you know what roads are open or closed due to spring flooding,and B) Mud and water always win over cars.

Around 1:30pm, 37-year-old Kelly Chapman and 27-year-old Rebecca Hayes were in a car being chased by Stanfield Police. Authorities didn't say why, but the two decided to detour onto a road that's actually closed due to high spring water runoff.

Apparently they didn't know that, and as they sped down Noble Road near town, they slammed into a four-foot deep channel of mud and water. Their car sank fast, they bailed and tried to wade to shore. But they were spotted by some nearby residents who also saw the approaching police cars.

Mud and muck won, they were easily captured. And yes, they had to ride to the Umatilla County jail covered in gunk. Those back seats in patrol cars are all plastic, so they clean up easily!

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