Suspect captured hiding on deck (KPD)
Suspect captured hiding on deck (KPD)

Late Tuesday evening, a traffic stop led to the arrest of a Kennewick man.

The suspect flees a traffic stop, tries to hide

Shortly before 10 PM, a Kennewick officer pulled over a vehicle near South Carmichael and Garfield. KPD did not reveal why the officer pulled over the driver, but what happened next was strange.

The driver, later identified as David Wacenske, fled on foot and led officers on a chase. A short time later, officers located the suspect in a backyard on West Albany Street.

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Wacenski was captured while trying to hide on a backyard porch, using a barbeque for cover. He is seen in this image from KPD.

He's now in the Benton County jail on a variety of charges including Obstructing a law enforcement officer, Resisting arrest, DUI, DWLS 3, Criminal Trespass 2, Failure to obey a police officer, and Ignition interlock violation.


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