Suspect flees over expired tabs (GCSO)
Suspect flees over expired tabs (GCSO)

The driver of this PT Cruiser was corralled and arrested.

Thursday morning chase leaves Chrysler pretty dusty

According to the Grant County Sheriff's Office, around 7 AM a Deputy tried to pull over this black PT Cruiser because of expired tabs. However, when the officer hit the flashing lights, the man sped off, heading along Potato Hill Road just south of Moses Lake.

Due to current state pursuit laws, the Deputy was forced to abandon the pursuit. The driver had sped off in the direction of, and then into, the Moses Lake Sand Dunes near the south end of Moses Lake.

However, Deputies were able to surround and secure the area, and the suspect's vehicle was spotted leaving the dunes area on Sand Dunes Road. Deputies were able to get the vehicle stopped. The driver, 28-year-old Austin Valentine of Moses Lake, was arrested. A woman with him in the vehicle was questioned and released.

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The car has been impounded, pending further investigation. Valentine is now facing multiple charges and is in the Grant County jail.

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