A pair of Franklin County Deputies were cleaning off a lot of mud, after what should have been a simple traffic stop for defective equipment turned into a high speed chase, then a chase through mud on a dairy farm.

Sunday night, Deputy Bolanos and Reserve Deputy Peregrino saw a vehicle on Taylor Flats road that had significantly defective lighting, and followed it. The vehicle turned into a driveway near Taylor Flats and Alder Road, but then a short time later, it left. As the deputies prepared to stop the driver to alert them to the defective lighting, the vehicle sped off, reaching speeds of nearly 100mph.

The driver refused to pull over when the deputies 'lit them up' with the lights, and then pulled off Taylor Flats into a driveway near a dairy. The male driver, leaving their flip flops behind, abandoned their car and tried to outrun the deputies through the mud on the dairy farm, but quickly learned law enforcement officers go through significant physical training.

The two deputies ran him down in the mud, and now he's in the Franklin County jail on eluding and other charges. The deputies will now just be spending some time cleaning that wonderful dairy mud off their boots.

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