Some good news out of Pasco Tuesday, the City Council has approved it's biennial budgets for the 2021-22 years, and do not anticipate any significant cuts due to COVID issues. According to a release from the City:

"While 2020 was challenging for all in the community, the City anticipates no significant cuts to services in the new budget. The over $500 million budgets cover all operating and capital monies for the coming two years. The City moved to a biennial budget in 2018; biennial budgeting has several advantages over yearly budgeting, such as saving time and having a longer perspective."

The City also made a significant change to it's language and classification of Dangerous Breed Animals, namely Pit Bull Terriers:

"The Council unanimously approved a change to the Pasco Municipal Code that removes the definition of "Dangerous Animal" to include Pit Bull Terriers. Animals that attack people or other animals unprovoked can still be defined as a Dangerous Animal. "

This will be a welcome change for the number of pit bull owners inside the City limits.

To find out more about the Council, the Budget being approved this week and other news, click on the button below.

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