Gov. Inslee announced Wednesday despite planned rollbacks by the EPA over fuel standards (CAFE-Corporate Automotive Fuel Economy) WA state will continue to mirror California when it comes to mileage and emissions requirements.

Washington state voters passed the Clean Car Law in 2005, which mandated new vehicles sold in WA state have to have the same mileage and emissions levels as those sold in California, which are among the most demanding in the nation.

The Trump Administration wants to roll back requirements even further, believing CAFE standards hurt consumers. According to The Heritage Foundation study from March 2016, excessive mileage and emissions regulations add as much as $3,800 to the price of a new vehicle on average. Other economists mirror the same opinions.

Critics say the CAFE standards have been 'hijacked' to pursue environmental purposes, far from the original 1970's goal of making the U.S. less dependent upon foreign oil.

But Gov. Inslee is sticking to the plan of following CA, and not allowing any changes to the Clean Car Act. According to a release Wednesday from the Governor's Office:

“Reducing vehicle emissions is absolutely critical for continuing to clean our air and combat climate change, The Trump Administration has signaled it intends to roll back progress at the national level, which makes the collective actions of states all the more crucial.”--Gov. Inslee.

Inslee has mandated the Department of Ecology keep in line with the CA standards.

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