The recent 'wave of freedom' from masks and some other COVID-19 related mandates due to vaccinations are not filtering into schools, at least not yet.

Many stores have said they are lifting the mask mandate for those with vaccination proof, there's not the 'big brother' of social distancing quite as much.

However, area school districts have not changed at all. Kennewick Schools sent out this email to media and parents two days ago, which read in part:

" Whether you are fully, partially or not vaccinated for COVID-19, state health and safety guidelines have not changed regarding the requirement to wear a mask or face covering while on school district property. Everyone is required to mask up and practice six-foot social distancing (except for students in classrooms who may be spaced a minimum three feet apart if necessary).

All staff are required to wear masks inside and outside on school district property. Students are allowed to remove masks when eating meals and outside when spaced six feet apart.

All school and community user groups athletic event spectators are required to wear masks.

School districts in Washington State are required to follow state Department of Health rules for schools. Districts and schools do not have the authority at the local level to change mask and distancing rules."

Although our daughter's middle school softball teams did not have to wear them while on the field (outside), this week all the players on her basketball team do, even during competition.

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Wednesday she had a game at Chinook, and all the players on the court had to wear them at all times.  They're even considering the size of venues for events.

Highlands MS has to play the bulk of their games at bigger schools like Chinook and Desert Hills, because the Highlands gym is considered 'too small' to accommodate social distancing for a lot of fans.  The schedule is interesting, HMS vs. DHMS at Chinook, just to name one example.

It appears it's the same for Park Middle School--gym size. Just after our daughter's game was over, Park took the floor at Chinook for their game.

NO word as to when schools will begin to ease some of these restrictions.

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