The bill did not make it out of committee, but its contents were alarming.

AG Ferguson pushed for Dems to propose this bill

What is the Domestic Violence Extremist Commission?  This was the goal of House Bill (HB) 1333, which 22 Democrats sponsored in the 2023 legislative session.

Originally, this idea came from the Biden Administration's plan to establish a Ministry of Truth or the Disinformation Governance Board in the spring of 2022. This group would reportedly battle what the Biden Administration said was "disinformation" on a wide variety of topics. Even the Wall Street Journal called it a "partisan instrument."

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The board and plan were disbanded in May after a firestorm of attacks and criticism that it looked like the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell's novel 1984. However, as Glenn Morgan noted on his We the Governed political page, the idea was quietly kicked down to states so perhaps they could create a similar plan.

Morgan, in a February 2023 YouTube video, laid out what was in HB 1333. Using slides and data Ferguson used for lobbying purposes, Morgan says this WA state commission would consider people who believe the following narratives are extremists:

  • those who push or believe election fraud narratives
  • those who are anti-mask or anti vaccine
  • those who are against Critical Race Theory\
  • those who push narratives about LGBTQ "grooming"

Ferguson attempted to link these persons to disruptions or threats at school board meetings, drag queen story hours, and other allegedly disruptive behavior. One of the slides is pictured here, from Morgan's video:


Glenn Morgan video YouTube
Glenn Morgan video YouTube

The bill also addresses those who possess firearms and champion 2nd Amendment freedoms as well as others.

According to the WA State legislative website, HB 1333 did not make it out of committee, but it is alarming that Ferguson would push for this type of legislation. And now, he's announced an exploratory run for Governor of WA state.

Watch this enlightening video from Glen Morgan at We The Governed.

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