For some, their Facebook and Messenger just logged them off, 'session ended.'  For other people, they simply had to re-log in. But for some, they thought they'd been hacked Tuesday morning.

  Meta issue felt worldwide

According to the Associated Press, multiple reports indicated Meta's platforms were having a system issue. The interruption was not a complete system shutdown, but affected many people, even across the globe.

Down Detector is an internet tracking firm that constantly monitors outages of major digital and internet platforms. They reported Facebook, Instagram and Messenger were experiencing issues, many of them requiring a re-log in. According to and the AP:

"London-based internet monitoring firm Netblocks said on X that four Meta platforms — Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Threads — were “currently experiencing outages related to login sessions in multiple countries.” But the firm, which advocates for internet freedom, said there was no sign of “country-level internet disruptions or filtering,” which are typically imposed by governments."

In other words, it appears it was some sort of internal tech or logistical issue, as opposed to hacking or other disruptive efforts.

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Many consumers reported being able to retrieve their accounts and log back in within an hour or so after the interruption.

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