The grisly discovery of a woman's remains on the Nisqually Indian Reservation in Thurston County is making national news.

Thurston County Sheriff's office was alerted to the discovery by a homeowner who told authorities his dog brought home a human leg. Authorities began to investigate earlier this week. On Friday they released initial findings.

The body is that of a woman. So far investigators have found an arm, jawbone with teeth, parts of a skull, rib cage and pelvis. While a dog made the first discovery, by the condition of the body it was clear to officials the person was "dismembered by human means." She appears to be light skinned and not buried for more than a few months.

The remains have been sent to a King County forensic anthropologist for more study and officials said they had retrieved a full set of teeth which might make identification easier with dental records.

The death is assumed a homicide.