Law Enforcement agencies are conducting emphasis patrols through April 19th as part of Distracted Driving Month in WA state. The cost of a ticket? $136. A second such infraction? Double. is reporting that Democratic Senator Rebecca Saldana, who represents the 37th District clearly appeared to be operating her vehicle while answering a question during a hearing on the Forward Washington Transportation plan. reports she clearly appeared to violate several traffic laws related to distracted driving.

Senate Democrats- WA state
Senate Democrats- WA state

To make matters more ironic, she is the Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee.

She admitted she was "driving her old car now" when asked about a "just transition" to clean energy. Video shows she also appeared to have both of her headphones in her ears, which is also a violation--one that stems pre-cellphone (from the old "walkman" music player days).

Law Enforcement officials in WA state and across the country have said after several years of steady declines of distracted driving, there was a noticeable rise or spike in the issue; much of stemming from COVID.  Authorities say one of the causes is so many people participated in Zoom or other type calls while driving.

That appears to be the case here.

She released a statement apologizing for the distracted driving during the Tuesday morning hearing (April 6).  Her statement read in part:

"...I have supported legislation about penalties for distracted driving, and like all drivers in Washington state, I must be subject and accountable to that law and all traffic laws.  Accordingly, if I receive a citation for this driving infraction, I will pay the fine."

At least she's owning it.


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