According to data tracked by the walk through traffic monitoring company Zenreach, as well as spending recorded by the US Dept. of Commerce (DOC), there's signs of economic recovery in the US, but it appears to be less in Washington state.

Zenreach and the DOC say from July 23 to August 23, across ALL industries, traffic increased by 1.2 percent, to 44.8 percent of what's considered 'normal.'

For restaurants, traffic has increased 2.4 percent in the last 60 days, although experts do not expect a return to "normal" numbers before the end of 2020. But it's showing signs of moving in the right direction, and steadily.

However, for Washington state, the same retail data July 23 through August 23 shows a decline of 1.3 percent, to a level at 36.4 percent of normal. We're trending about 8 percent lower than the national average.

That certainly could be a reflection of Gov. Inslee's business shutdowns and pauses on county Phase advancement--opening up more businesses.

However, restaurant activity in WA over the last 60 days has shot up noticeably, by 7.1 percent, which is good for especially smaller venues.

More economic data available by clicking on the button below.  (Zenreach data provided by

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