Kennewick police say they are safer (Kennewick police)
Kennewick police say they are safer (Kennewick police)

Kennewick is considered the Roundabout Capital of the Pacific Northwest, it's got more roundabouts per capita than most cities in the U.S.

But we also hear complaints, and periodically there are spectacular driver mishaps, especially late at night. But truthfully, most of them have occurred due to impaired drivers, or people who think they're on a NASCAR road course.

Kennewick police released this graphic, courtesy of the Federal Highway Administration and the Institute for Highway Safety.

It shows a 37% reduction in overall collisions over traditional intersections, 75% in injury collisions and 90 percent reduction in fatalities. Plus, a 40% reduction in pedestrian incidents.  We'd have to agree with that one especially given the recent rash of people getting hit in even those new lighted high-tech cross walks.

what are your thoughts?

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