Here's a look at the hard-hitting lineup today on the Sean Hannity Show.

Be sure to be listening today, starting at 12:06pm, for these events on today's Sean Hannity Show:

1:05pm EST - Donald Trump will discuss the failure of the Super Committee and the quickly approaching end to the Bush Tax Cuts.  What does the expiration of the Bush Tax Cuts mean for the American economy.  Please note that "The Donald" has a new book set to release on Monday, December 5th and Sean Hannity will have the exclusive interview!
1:35pm EST Congressman Connie Mack (R-FL) will remind Hannity listeners of the "Mack Penny Plan" and how it could work to fix America's financial woes.
2:05pm EST Rev Jesse Lee Peterson and Dr. Marc Lamont Hill join Sean to debate the likelihood of a second term for President Obama and the pandering by the Obama administration to minority voters. 

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