The Pacific Northwest is going to get a dose of "The Donald," when he visits the Spokane Convention Center downtown this weekend.

According to GOP officials, Trump will be expected there around noon for the campaign stop, the doors will open at 9am for the event.

Officials want to make sure there's plenty of security in place, as some Trump rallies have met with protestors who behaved like anarchists, and some were arrested in California.  Trump has his own security team, but also last November began to accept Secret Service protection offered to Presidential candidates.

These protests were orchestrated movements with paid agitators in most cases.

Not wanting to be left out of the limelight, Gov. Jay Inslee said he was going to team up with various so-called Hispanic and Muslim leaders and officially denounce Trump and his visit to Washington. His 'official' denouncement will come Tuesday.

If you recall, Inslee also banned official state travel by state employees to North Carolina and other states, when they refused to adopt Target-style open transgender bathroom policies that have already led to a number of incidents involving peeping 'toms' and police arrests. His reaction to the outspoken GOP candidate is predictable and not surprising.

Washington state's primary is coming May 24th, with 44 delegates up for grabs.

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