We hear so much about economic development in the Tri-Cities, but this is really exciting!  According to sources, Donald Trump Enterprizes is going to begin construction of a 51 story tower complex just south of Kennewick in 2019.

Although he's President, the plans for this have been in the works for some time. In fact, he was looking at perspective sites when he visited Washington state during his election campaign.

The building will be a mix of office and corporate suites, with hotel rooms starting on the 10th floor. It will include glass panel windows, similar to the Flashcube building. A restaurant, pool, fitness center and more will be attached.

The funding comes from his own enterprize group.  Not sure how soon perspective tenants will be signing up for spots, but as we understand it, it will be just south and east of  Highway 395 leading out of Kennewick.

Our pictures include a digital mock up of the potential look of the tower, slightly like a pyramid. Other suggested shapes in the original design included angular, box, and rectangle. When asked about the tower, (we contacted his PR department) we were told he had said it would be "absolutely fabulous...fabulous!"

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