“The governor's plan to bribe Washingtonians to make specific health care decisions does a disservice to all Washington residents..."

That was part of a statement released late Thursday by Washington State House Rep Skyler Rude, who represents the 16th District; including Southern Benton County, Pasco, and Walla Walla, and Columbia Counties.

The statement was in response to Inslee's new vaccine perks program, highlighted by the WA Lottery's "Shot of a Lifetime" program. The lottery will reward ticket buyers with a chance at up to $250K and includes multiple prizes totaling one million dollars. They have to show proof of vaccination to buy the tickets.

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There are also scholarships, athletic gear (some autographed) from our state's pro teams, as well as a plethora of other goodies...even including free beer specials.

Rude, along with 8th District Reps Matt Boehnke, Brad Klippert and others, are newer energetic conservative GOP legislators who've teamed up with GOP vets to inject some life back into the State House.

Rude also said about the program:

“Individuals' right to make their own health care decisions, free of coercion, is a fundamental element of individual choice."

Inslee has come under fire recently as has Labor and Industries over suggestions, even mandates, that businesses inquire if their workers have been vaccinated, some of the 'suggestions' even propose making that knowledge public.

Inslee has also been criticized for his desire for vaccinated and non-vaccinated sections at public events; which is being blasted by GOP legislators and others.  There's even word of some potential lawsuits brewing.

Much of the reason for the incentive program is the lagging vaccination rates in WA state. We trail far behind many others, despite constant pressure from state officials.

Rude closed his statement on Inslee's plan with this:

“Whether a top-down mandate or an incentive program, the government should not be compelling people to make personal health care decisions for prizes.”


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