With so much laser-like focus on the Presidential campaign, we still have several other BIG issues in Washington state.

For the first time since Dino Rossi ran against Gregoire, the GOP has a real chance to unseat an unpopular Democratic governor, Jay Inslee.  According to public opinion polls, his 'unfavorable' rankings are worse than his two predecessors, Gregoire and Gary Locke, by large margins. His approval ratings have been in the low 40% range, the poorest in the last three decades for an incumbent Governor.

Bill Bryant, according to a University of Washington poll released over the weekend, was within 4 points of Inslee, and according to likely voters who had not returned their ballots yet, held a 7 point lead.  The Seattle Port Commissioner is seeking to become the first Republican governor since John Spellman who left office in 1985. If Bryant wins, he would do so because of not only Eastern Washington voters, but also strong support from West-side voters. Bryant carved out a respected reputation in the Seattle area.

Also hotly contested is the 4th. Congressional District race between incumbent Dan Newhouse and Clint Didier. Even more so than when Didier ran against Newhouse to replace the retiring Doc Hastings, Newhouse has been the establishment candidate with numerous corporate and PAC financial support. Didier, on the other hand, has greatly boosted his grass roots campaign, especially in the last few weeks.

Although the corporate and business endorsements seem to lean towards Newhouse, the County Republican Chairs and Committees in Benton, Franklin, and virtually all other counties in the District have officially endorsed Didier.  The last time they faced off, the election was surprisingly close, with less than 4% deciding the vote.

We have not been able to find any real valid polling data for the 4th Congressional race, it will be watching and waiting to see who goes to D.C. after tonight.

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