Democrat snitch line (WA State Democrats on X)
Democrat snitch line (WA State Democrats on X)

The Washington State Democratic Party has set up a phone line, encouraging people to "report" any efforts they see to gather signatures for several proposed initiatives.

  State Dems on "X" ask people to "report" signature efforts

It is against state law to threaten, harass or otherwise interfere with legal, orderly efforts by citizens to gather signatures to put initiatives on the election ballot.

The Center Square reports WA Secretary of State Steve Hobbs issued this statement back in July after reports were filed about citizens being threatened:

"If you witness a potential violation of these protections, please contact local law enforcement,. All voters must be able to take part in our democratic processes without intimidation or disenfranchisement."

The Center Square also says the ACLU has set up a similar phone line.  Let's Go Washington has been pushing a series of Initiatives intended to counter a variety of legislative bills that passed recently, including the Climate Commitment Act, Parents Rights, and restoring Police pursuits.

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The Democratic post on X (formerly Twitter) is pictured with this story. The petition to roll back the cap and trade auction and Climate Commitment Act has already reached the required number of signatures and has been submitted to the Secretary of State's Office for verification.

The question remains, why is the State Democratic Party asking citizens to "report" any such initiative signature-gathering efforts?

The Democratic phone number to "report" initiative signature efforts has a rather chilling recorded message, asking the caller to provide as much detail of the event, including a description of the participants.  To hear it for yourself, call 425-553-2157.

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