We won't really know the full impact of this year's projected drought until the weather warms up more, but we could potentially be in for a very dry summer.

The Benton Franklin Conservation District invites you to attend their Drought Conservation Garden tour event, happening April 25th, starting at the Kennewick Public Library on South Union St at 9am.

Participants will be bussed to various gardens in the Tri-Cities which feature water conservation layouts.  These heritage gardens feature and showcase low-water use plants and flowers, which also attract birds, pollinating insects and wildlife.  The tour will wrap up with a return to the library parking lot around noon.

The Conservation District wants people to know that despite potential water shortages, it's still possible to have a beautiful attractive garden that can withstand our severe summer weather.  The tour will also offer numerous tips on how to make the most of the water we have, and the most effective ways to care for plants.

They will also provide advice on which plants and flowers thrive in our climate. All too often, homeowners and gardners will see a plant or flower that they find beautiful - only to find it just doesn't grow well in our climate.

Gov. Inslee recently declared a drought "emergency" for the upcoming summer, and numerous irrigation districts have already said they will only be receiving between 70 and 80 percent of their regular water deliveries. It will be useful to have water conservation tips ready to implement if we do face watering restrictions and shortages.

Registration is required for the tour, call (509)-736-600 or log on to the Conservation District Website and sign up.

The Benton Franklin Conservation district is a grant-funded, non-regulatory group dedicated to responsible use of water, soil, air, fish and wildlife in the two counties.

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