Kennewick police continue to investigate a report from a woman who said she was shot at while sitting in her car at a busy convenience store Thursday evening.

Police were called to the parking lot of the Circle K at Canal and Edison streets around 11:40pm where they found a woman sitting in her car. She told police she'd been sitting in her car (pictured) when a newer gray or silver minivan pulled up alongside.

Police say there was a Hispanic female driver, black male passenger, and another person who's identity was not known as they were sitting in the back seat. The woman said she felt and heard her car get hit by an apparent bullet.

She noticed a hole in the side of the minivan, she believed the projectile came from inside the van then struck her car. She said the vehicle didn't stay there, but sped away southbound on Edison. Police searched, but have not located that vehicle.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Kennewick police at (509)-628-0333. Police are seen here processing the car for evidence.

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