Police are still trying to determine why a woman rammed her way through a police barricade near the White House, then headed to the Capitol before apparently being shot by police.

The woman's identity has not been released. Reports indicate a small child was in the black Lexus driven by the woman,  perhaps 2-3 years old, and some video showed the child being carried away from the scene by a policeman. No further information was available about the child.

A police officer was also believed injured, but not life threatening.

Officials have said his injuries were likely from police cars ramming the Lexus in an effort to stop it near the barricades.

The woman allegedly tried to ram a barricade by the White House after having words with security there. She then tried to blast through a similar barricade near the Capitol where Congress was in session, but was unsuccessful.

The incident triggered mass hysteria inside the Capitol, where numerous Congressmen heard 5-6 shots. The building was put into lock down, which was later lifted. President Obama was in the West Wing when the White House gate was rammed.

D.C. police have initially said they believe this was an isolated incident.

Our picture shows the Lexus shortly after it was finally stopped.

(Photo courtesy of Fox News)


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