Most of the accidents involving roundabouts in Kennewick over the last six months have involved intoxication of some sort. This one did not, but another lesson in distracted driving!

Kennewick police over the weekend responded to a call about a car that took out the center of the roundabout at 4th and Kellogg Streets Saturday night.

Just before 7:30, the young female driver in her 20's, who's name was not released, was apparently trying to tinker with the stereo in her car when she failed to notice the roundabout .

Her Toyota went through the center of the roundabout, and completely tore one of her wheels off the suspension. No drugs or alcohol were involved say police, but she was cited, most likely for distracted driving. The damage pictured below.

Roundabout damage to car (Kennewick police)
Roundabout damage to car (Kennewick police)

Police say yet another lesson in why taking your eyes and concentration off the road for even a few seconds can result in very bad results. Fortunately neither she not anyone else was injured in the one-car accident.

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