Not only did the driver of this vehicle survive the crash, they walked away with only minor injuries--and they even tried using that walk to 'hide' from responding officers early Saturday mornin.

Around 3:30AM the unnamed male driver lost control, rolled their car, destroying it in the process and taking out a large chunk of guardrail on I-182 near Pasco.

Pasco Police assisted the Washington State Patrol, they arrived quickly because a number of 911 calls were made by other drivers.  Thanks to a seatbelt and airbags, police say the driver was not seriously hurt.

However, he did try to hide from officers by ducking down between other guardrails, hoping to be able to slink away. But he was spotted. A field sobriety test showed he was possibly intoxicated, further tests were run and WSP is awaiting the results. No one else was injured, he was the only person in the vehicle.

A sobering lesson about why NOT to drink and drive!

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