Sometimes, it's just too much to carry on. At least it was for this intoxicated Richland driver.

Wednesday morning, around 4:30am, police were called to the intersection of Pullen and Cedar Streets. The white SUV, possibly a Cadillac,  had pulled up to the stop sign, but then didn't move.

Eventually, an area resident saw the vehicle sitting there, engine running, and it didn't move.  Obviously the resident became worried and suspicious, and they went over to peek.  They called 911 after not seeing the driver inside move at all.

Upon arrival, authorities found the driver (who's identity was not released) was so drunk they had passed out, and just happened to be stopped at the sign when it happened!  No word if the vehicle was in park, or if their foot was still applying pressure to the brake even though they were out.

The driver was cited for DUI after being medically examined.

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