Details are still being discovered, but sources tell Newstalk870 a private drone that was hovering around the River of Fire fireworks show July 4 was shot the fireworks!

According to what we know, the drone was seen buzzing around the park and the river, then it disappeared. Paul Drake, Operations Manager of Townsquare Media (our stations) saw the drone himself earlier in the evening.

It was behaving itself, the operator not taking any chances or annoying anyone. But then it abruptly disappeared shortly after the fireworks display began. According to our sources, it seems the operator was perhaps trying to video the show from up close, but they must have gotten too close.

The wreckage of the drone was found on the fireworks barge by the pyrotechnic crew!  It probably flew "into" the show and was blown apart.

It didn't interfere with the show in any way from what we know, but it's likely authorities will be 'very' interested in talking to the owners. It's likely considered a safety hazard to be flying one that close to fireworks.  Not that different than the drone that caused fire fighting choppers to be temporarily grounded near Vantage because it was buzzing around while they were taking on water, then dumping on that fire not far from Hanford.


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