The pictures are almost unbelievable but fortunately the other driver was not seriously hurt!

Around 9am Wednesday, Kennewick police responded to a report of a car that had sideswiped another vehicle, torn through a fence, and landed in a backyard on the patio.

It seems Andrew Gaboury (age not listed) was driving east on 10th near Roosevelt Street when he lost control. He crossed the centerline, sideswiping the damaged Honda seen in our pictures. He hit it so hard he tore the outer door shell off.

Gaboury's adventure was just beginning. After causing the Honda to spin from the sideswipe, his Scion bounced across the road, through a fence, and wound up on the patio of a residence. Goury was found to be driving under the influence.

Kennewick police strongly remind people that driving in such a matter could ultimately kill someone, like ALMOST happened Wednesday!

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