An early Sunday morning crash was easy for Kennewick Police to trace.

An intoxicated driver leaves a trail of fluids behind

Around 5 AM Sunday morning, Kennewick Police were alerted to a potential issue when they saw a car driving near West Deschutes and North Kellogg Streets with smoke pouring from the engine compartment. Not something you see every day!

The officer quickly noticed the car, pictured in our story, was leaving behind a trail of fluids, probably oil.

Suspect vehicle (KPD)
Suspect vehicle (KPD)


The trail led back to a nearby traffic turn-lane barrier, where it was obvious the car had plowed over the top of it, destroying some signage.

   The trail also led to a nearby convenience store.

Officers caught up with the wayward car and found the female driver, whose name was not revealed. There was only one customer inside, and officers noticed when they tried to lock the car via the key fob, the alarm went off. It was determined the woman was intoxicated and the sedan was the suspect's car.

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She was booked into the Benton County jail on DUI and is also facing hit-an-run charges for the damage done to the barrier.

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