driver tries to ram patrol car (WWCSO)
John McKay

Walla Walla County Deputies had a busy time Thursday afternoon, with a suspect who didn't realize when you're trapped in a fenced in parking lot, and cops are blocking the only way out, you're not going to make it.

Dexter Todd Williams of Kennewick was found in a car that was reported to authorities in Burbank as a suspicious vehicle. When Deputies arrived, he was found acting strangely and there was a visible presence of drug paraphernalia. The county's K-9 dog alerted on drugs but Williams refused to get out, and tried to drive away.

Unfortunately for him, he was in a fenced off parking lot, and Deputies were blocking the only way out. So, Williams hit one of the patrol units head on. He still refused to get out when told he was under arrest, until the K-9 was sent in through a back window. At that time Williams suddenly changed his mind and jumped out.

Inside his vehicle Deputies found drugs in addition to the paraphernalia, as well as an empty four pack of White Claw, including an open container. He is now in the Walla Walla County jail on a variety of charges...perhaps one of them actually drinking White Claw?