Thursday morning a road in Kennewick was closed due to flooding from a destroyed fire hydrant, it was struck by an SUV driven by an intoxicated motorist.

Shortly before 10am Kennewick police and city crews responded to an area near the intersection of W. 19th and Ely Streets where they found the hydrant had been knocked clear off it's moorings, and water was pouring down the road.

38-year-old Heather Baraby had been southbound on Ely when she crossed over into the northbound lanes, striking the hydrant near the intersection with W 19th Ave. The deluge of water caused S. Ely to be closed for a short time until the valve to the hydrant could be shut off.

Baraby's five-year-old granddaughter was in her SUV, but was buckled and belted in her car seat. Baraby was found to be intoxicated and was arrested for DUI. The child was not hurt. The force of the collision was enough to deploy both front airbags. Baraby is also facing Reckless Endangerment and Driving on Suspended License charges.

SUV takes out hydrant, floods road in Kennewick (Kennewick police)
SUV takes out hydrant, floods road in Kennewick (Kennewick police)

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