This male driver's life just got a lot worse.

Kennewick Police responded to reports of an errant driver who slammed into a fence, took out some mailboxes, and hit two vehicles early Thursday morning.


The incidents occurred near Sheppard Place and West Kennewick Ave.

Suspect vehicle (KPD)
Suspect vehicle (KPD)

Police didn't say if the unidentified male was still in the car, but their information seemed to indicate after further investigation he was found nearby and pinpointed as the suspect driver.

One of two vehicles hit (KPD)
One of two vehicles hit (KPD)

He was transported to a nearby hospital for a blood draw to determine his impairment, and during that time he fought with officers. He must have also caused a ruckus at the hospital because one of the charges he is facing includes Interfering with A Healthcare Facility. Haven't heard that one before.


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These pictures show some of the damage he caused in his spree, fortunately no one else was injured. The investigation continues.

Speaking of gas prices, he won't be needing any soon, because he's likely to have his license suspended.

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