A Franklin County driver was, according to Sheriff's Deputies, "surprised" to find he'd been traveling on only three wheels for some time.

Early Sunday morning around 5:10AM,  a Deputy located and pulled over this car (or what was left of it) on Broadmoor Boulevard in Pasco. The driver, identified as Ismael Rojas Barcott, had allegedly driven through a fence near the intersection of Dent and Pelican Roads. And he kept going, and going, and...

It's not known if that was the crash that knocked the right front tire off it's wheel, but apparently Barcott was rather unaware.

Could likely have been that Deputies say he was intoxicated at the time, he was arrested for suspicion of DUI and taken to the Franklin County jail on various incident related charges.

Not much left of that car to salvage, really. The undercarriage and suspension probably all torn up due to the missing tire.

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