Sometimes people just don't learn, do they?

Late Tuesday night Kennewick police arrested a man after he allegedly was causing a disturbance at a home of a women he reportedly knew, near First and Washington Streets in Kennewick.

Police arrived after the call from the woman, who said Daniel C. Medlock, 45, of Burbank, was at the back door of her house and wouldn't leave.

He apparently was pulling away in a small pickup when officers arrived, and they initiated a traffic stop. Medlock, who had been driving very slowly for several blocks, finally pulled into the parking lot at the Circle K not far away.

When police got him out of the car, after he'd been very verbally uncooperative, they found he was drunk, AND was wearing a home monitoring ankle bracelet from a previous arrest.

He was also busted for DUI and driving without an interlock device.

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