With the state now in Phase 3, for the most part, the Department of Social and Health Services announced Monday expanded indoor visitation will now begin at a variety of facilities.

Those that will allow more expanded visits include: (According to DSHS)

"Eastern and Western State Hospitals, the Child Study and Treatment Center and the Special Commitment Center on McNeil Island. Visitation will also be allowed at the Fort Steilacoom, Maple Lane and Yakima Competency Restoration Residential Treatment Centers."

Following CDC guidelines that were released and other protocols, the expanded visitations are now in effect. According to DSHS, people who were being treated on a 24-7 basis were among the first to receive vaccines. Some 693 persons undergoing some sort of state mental health and behavioral treatment have been vaccinated.

DSHS issued this comment Monday:

"As a result, residents will now be allowed to host visitors indoors unless there is an active outbreak in their facility. Until now, indoor visits had been limited to compassionate care situations. Outdoor visits with masks, social distancing and a limited number of visitors have been allowed at many facilities since last fall."

Officials say this will continue unless any outbreaks occur at any of these facilities. Prior to this move, only limited visitation had been allowed since last August.

A number of medical professionals applaud the move, saying that often more interaction with family and others can help people who are receiving treatment; often eliminating the isolation of quarantine that causes more mental health issues.


Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:



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