Editor's Note: Article is provided by radio host Lou Milano co-host of the Ethan and Lou Show on i95/WRKI in Danbury, Connecticut.

Nicholas Robert Grossman is a paranormal investigator from Connecticut who has done extensive research into the area known as Dudleytown in Cornwall.

Dudleytown is named for the Dudley family who came to the U.S. from England in the 1700s, settled on land in Cornwall, CT and were riddled with tragedy. Many of the members of this family came to an untimely end and some suggest the land itself is to blame.

Every small town in America has its local ghost legends. Some are easily dismissed, the stories make little sense and are way over the top, they are the product of overactive imaginations. However, the stories from Dudleytown all seem to be eerily similar. You'll always hear about a stillness or an unnerving quiet in the woods. Time and again, people who have been there talk about a lack of wildlife. Where there should be small critters and some noise, there is a maddening quiet. I've heard hundreds of creepy stories from people who have been there.

I started talking about the place very informally on the Ethan & Lou Show back in 2013. At that time, it was fun to mention in passing around Halloween time. But by 2015, I was obsessed with the topic and began conducting what would turn out to be a long-term amateur investigation. The lure of spirits is was what got me intrigued, but it was the secrecy surrounding the place that kept me coming back for more.

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I'd begun asking for information about the place, sending formal Freedom of Information inquiries to any/all agencies who might be able to shed some light on the place and provide more or even throw cold water on the ghost tales.

I can only describe the responses I got as paranoid and defiant. I was fishing for information and I was being told not to go there by folks representing Cornwall, CT. I had not requested permission to go there nor did I ever say I would physically go there. This is what has kept me coming back for more year after year.

I've hit a lot of dead ends. For instance, I got notice that a Freedom of Information request had been granted and it was information I desperately wanted from a State agency, when I received it, most of the file had been redacted making the document useless.

These frustrating moments led me to set this personal obsession aside, and I'd inevitably pick it back up again. Along the way, I learned that there was someone else in CT who was equally drawn to the topic, his name is Nicholas Robert Grossman.

Grossman considers himself a paranormal investigator and has a team of like-minded friends who do ghostly inquiries throughout the State of CT. If you Google Dudleytown and begin to scroll, you'll see two names again and again -- mine and his.

Nick and I have different backgrounds that complement one another, he comes from the world of the paranormal and speaks the language and I have a media background but we share a passion for the topic.

He's been a guest on the show in the past and we brought him back on just recently. He had reached out to tell me he had new information. Grossman joined the Ethan and Lou Show on Friday (6/18/21) and talked about the energy of Dudleytown saying:

"There's something very special about the place and my opinion, I believe that it's haunted, with my evidence that I got there. But, there's something very special about the place, when you walk into the heart of Dudleytown, you know, you won't hear any animals, you won't hear any birds, you won't hear anything, it's just this void.

It's almost like, you know I often describe it, if you've been inside a music studio and the acoustics muffle the sound, that's kind of the feeling you get in your ears, if that makes any sense, while walking up there.

If you hold your two hands near your ears but don't touch them, you hear that muffling. So, there's definitely a void up there of some, some type of vortex, some type of portal.

Honestly, I believe Dudleytown is more of an inter-dimensional thing going on than it is like spirits and stuff like that. I think it has its own unique type of thing going on.

And I've had a lot of strange phenomena, like happen up there. I remember one time I was walking down the trail and there was no wind and I was saying goodbye to the supernatural there. You know, I always do it with respect and a fern was waving up and down.

I went in front of the fern to make sure there was no wind doing it. The thing, was waving like it was waving goodbye.

You know, the place is alive, it's a force that's very much alive with, you know phenomena really."

You can hear the entire interview with Nick below.

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