Did you know? The real name of the span that crosses the Snake River with Highway 12 is the Vaughn Hubbard Bridge? It's true.

  Wayward truck driver nearly dumps rig into Snake River

Early Sunday morning, around 4:46 AM Franklin County Sheriff's Deputies responded to Highway 12, right at the Snake River Bridge.

They found this large pickup 'hooked' onto the jersey barrier. In fact, investigators say the driver was lucky he didn't end up in the water.

FCSO says the Washington State Patrol handled the investigation because it was on State Highway 12, and found the driver was badly impaired. He lost control and his wild driving ended up like this.

Suspect came so close to ending up in river (Google earth)
Suspect came so close to ending up in river (Google earth)

Judging from the accident images and Google Earth photos, he's probably less than 50, may 75 feet away from having gone down the bank into the water.

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This image of a Deputy attempting to "lift" the nose of the truck contained a funny dig at the WSP: "Franklin County’s backs are hurting now from carrying WSP."

They did say it's a friendly joke with a fellow LE agency.  The driver was cited for DUI, and no word if any other charges were levied.

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