Although it happened just prior to Christmas, it's one of the more bizarre DUI cases of the year.

December 22, last Thursday, Kennewick police were alerted by the employees of the 24-hour Dutch Brothers coffee stand located at Clearwater and Union late in the evening.

Workers noticed the white sedan was not moving up in line, and found the driver, 19-year-old Donovan Percifield, was PASSED OUT behind the wheel, sitting with the engine running. Fortunately, he'd put the vehicle in park. Workers came out to investigate after Percifield's car was not moving, blocking other customers, and he was not moving.

Officers discovered he was very intoxicated and had indeed passed out from the alcohol he'd consumed.  He was subsequently charged with DUI and taken to the Benton County jail.  Although on some levels it's hilarious, it could have also been very serious had he passed out while moving and hit other cars or customers.

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