We really don't make these stories up, sometimes they just write themselves and we sit back and shake our heads.

According to the Hartford, Connecticut Couriant Newspaper, Connecticut state police busted a DUI driver early Monday morning after he hit a wall surrounding a cemetery. He apparently was having trouble controlling his car, and he hit a low stone wall alongside the Putnam Cemetery shortly after 1am.

25-year-old Harrison Wooten of Woodstock, CT, was charged with DUI, but the irony of the story was the shirt he was wearing at the time of his arrest and jail booking photo.

Wooten is pictured wearing a "Hold My Beer" t-shirt. Not only is he facing DUI charges, but state police said the vehicle he was driving was not legally registered and he had no valid insurance. Due to the lack of valid vehicle registration, one of the charges he is facing is called abuse of license plates.  Wow!

It appears Wooten has accomplished the goal of getting 15 minutes of fame, more likely infamy.

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