It appears, based upon their knowledge and the information they have, that this incident was not politically motivated.  In their defense, they only go off emperical evidence (that which is seen, heard, hard visible items).

In the wake of two garbage bags of mail being found abandoned alongside a road in Sammamish, the Police Department issued this statement, which read in part (from their Facebook page):

*Update- there is no evidence to support that this was politically motivated, or that ballots were specifically targeted. Sammamish is an area where we have frequent mail and package thefts."

However, in a story released October 17 by KOMO TV in Seattle, the Sammamish Police were also alerted to reports of "numerous ballots being stolen and placed in other mailboxes." 

KOMO says mail carriers were out on Friday morning delivering Amazon packages when they found the two garbage bags, which included a number of ballots besides mail.

It appears the Police believe this could be the work of porch pirates, but that doesn't explain the other reports of stolen ballots. When added to the numerous reports across the country about discarded, stolen and otherwise "misplaced" ballots (even in dumpsters) it's not doing a lot to reassure citizens this 2020 election will be issue free.

These type of stories appear to be creeping their way towards us slowly but surely.

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