Much like what the state has done with electric vehicles, now the Washington State Department of Transportation is creating an e-bike rebate program.

 E-bikes growing in popularity

In many areas of WA state, they are viewed as a mode of transportation for recreational purposes, even camping. However, the DOT and WA state are increasingly viewing them as an alternative to vehicles. Most of them have a range of 20-100 miles on the life of the battery powering the motor. Much of that depends on terrain, hills, etc.

E-bikes offer both human-powered pedal mode, as well as electric motor power. According to AAA WA, the prices can range anywhere from $1,000 to $10K.

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 Now, WA DOT says a new rebate program will be out soon.  They say they are working out plans on how to reimburse both consumers and retailers, The reason the plan is not out yet is because they are trying to make it as easy as possible. We do know depending upon your income, a lower-income person could get a rebate in the range of $1,200. Those whose income does not qualify would probably be in the $300 range.

 Are they street-legal in WA?

 According to the DOT:

"electric bicycles are allowed on roadways and limited access highways, bike lanes, bike paths, and multipurpose paths. Local jurisdictions are allowed to modify these and restrict use when necessary."

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