A new deadly treatment resistant strain of E-coli is steamrolling through Europe,  possibly from fertilizer used  to feed vegetables.

While the strain is not considered "new", it appears, according to scientists, to have "swapped genes" with other strains to make itself more deadly and resistant to current forms of treatment.  This is not uncommon in diseases, often referred to in layman's terms as mutation.  So far over 500 people have fallen ill, and the disease appears to target the kidneys in humans. This strain appears to have components from two different E-coli branches.  E-coli is most commonly found in animal manure.   This certain strain appears also to be hitting adults hard, unlike most strains that "prey" on children and elderly individuals who's immune systems are not as strong.  It is being called by the World Health Organization the third largest outbreak of E-coli in history.

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