According to various sources, the air quality in Eastern Washington, North Idaho and Northeast Oregon is among the worst in the entire U.S., due to smoke from those British Columbia fires and others. On the map, yellow is moderate, orange not very good, and red is 'put on a mask and stay indoors..'

According to Washington Smoke Information, weather models accurately predicted the high pressure would break up over Western Washington, providing some mild relief and movement, but not here.

We're still being 'squished' by a huge bulge of air, that high pressure, that's forcing the Jet Stream and normal weather patters north or south of us.  People are asking us, 'what about those light winds we're feeling now and then?'  All that's doing basically is wafting more smoke from B.C. over our heads. It's not enough to scrub out the bad air and weather.

National Weather Service says through Saturday, smoke and poor air advisory, especially for people with breathing issues.

When this is all said and done, and the weather clears, I am NEVER sticking my nose anywhere near campfire, at least not for a while.


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