Apricots are only a 17 calorie fruit when eaten fresh giving you a nice low calorie snack.

An apricot is a good source of vitamin A which helps with eye sight and healthy skin. Carotenes are also helpful with eye sight and fight against some cancers, including lung and oral cavity cancers. Both vitamin A and carotene have antioxidant properties. A certain carotenoid is also present is apricots which helps specifically with aging eyes.

Vitamin C is also a main component of the apricot, giving you immune support and protection for you heart against free radicals.

Fiber is one of the major things in apricots that help with your digestive system. It helps with constipation and keeps the digestive tract moving smoothing.

A good amount of potassium is also in apricots, helping your heart rate and blood pressure through maintaining the cells that regulate these.

Calcium along with phosphorous, manganese, iron, and copper all help with the growth of bones and are in mostly good quantities in apricots.

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