BCFD 1 fire tanker (BCFD)
BCFD 1 fire tanker (BCFD)

Benton County Fire District 1 crews responded to a house fire this morning.

  Fire at a home on Haney Road

Officials did not give the specific address but responded to the home after a 9-1-1 call came in around 8:30 AM.

One of the occupants had come home at that time and found the home filled with smoke. With assistance from Kennewick Fire crews, Benton County District 1 firefighters arrived and saw smoke billowing from under the eaves of the home.

Crews were quickly able to locate an active fire and flames in an area underneath the roof. After about 30 minutes it was brought under control.

Investigators believe the fire was triggered by an electrical issue originating in a bathroom. No one was hurt, and BCFD says all the family pets were accounted for. The financial damage to the structure was not given.

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