The incidents involved two guards who are no longer with the company, according to a Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) report that was released by the government Tuesday.

Energy Northwest released a statement saying the incidents were not reflective of the quality of their team, and Spokesman Mike Paoli said the incidents presented "an inaccurate reflection of a very professional team."

According to the NRC document, the two workers were reported by a third person who did not work at the nuclear facility in question, the Columbia Generating Station. After an investigation, the two were no longer employed there.

According to Energy Northwest, the two guards were not paying attention, or found to be 'inattentive' due to the behavior they were engaged in.  What exactly they were doing was not disclosed.

As a result of the issue, security cameras are now being installed in security towers at the facility that will be able to record the conduct of the security officials themselves. At the time of the incidents, not all the towers or some other security areas were under video monitoring. The company has also made checks and revisions to training programs, in addition to the $35,000 fine.


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